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Solving the mystery of the benevolent autocrat


Step 1: You’re right, almost all of the biggest growth success stories are autocracies!

Step 2: Wait a second, all of the worst growth failures are also autocracies!

Step 3: Solving mystery: autocracies have much higher variance of growth rates, so they have both best and worst growth rates

Wonky Moral of the story: focusing on success only in Step 1…

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Red Sea parts, Development data set free

This week, the World Bank unleashed, a website that provides free access to 2,000 indicators about development.

For years, only those who paid high subscription fees could access much of this data. One of us authors had been meaning for all those years to complain about this — how could a public organization like the Bank charge high fees despite the obvious case for a free public good of data on development?! I never got around to…

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