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Population Wars: Adam Martin replies to Global Population Speak Out

by Adam Martin

I appreciate the thoughtful GPSO reply to my blog post. But I respectfully decline the offer to sign their pledge. Here is why:

Projections of population into the future that fail to account for the power of changing incentives are intellectually sterile explanations and policies that deny the rational response of individuals to incentives will prove impotent or worse.

Why are market-oriented economists so confident that population will be self-regulating?…

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Malthus vs. Malthusian Population Scares

This post is by Adam Martin, a post-doctoral fellow at DRI.

The laws of economics are more powerful than the laws of physics. I once saw Deirdre McCloskey illustrate this by placing a $100 bill on the table. The laws of physics, she reminded the class, dictate that an object at rest tends to stay at rest. Economics tells us that errant $100 bills laying out in the open do not remain unattended for…

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