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Well, I’m not as bad a link-baiter as…

I was accused of link baiting in the Skip Gates piece below. I guess “link bait” is the new word for “headline”. Well, at least I would NEVER stoop to the level of the Atlantic magazine: Did Porn Cause the Financial Crisis? well, maybe, even this could lead to something good. One of my female friends[…..]

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I’m happy to post a link to any blog that extremely overestimates me

Lord Acton and … moi?

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Teasing my friends at Center for Global Development: censoring for Hillary?

More updates on coverage of the big Clinton Development Speech, following up on the previous post: Chris Blattman has a negative take. some negatives, some positives, so a mixed review. The Center for Global Development (CGD) blog is positive, although mostly only about the idea of the Secretary of State even giving a whole speech devoted to[…..]

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Are terrorists statistically significant?

Here’s another discussion relevant to the earlier post that DO SOMETHING is not a helpful government response to the current terrorismscare: [T]he key point about identifying al-Qaeda operatives is that there are extremely few al-Qaeda operatives so (by Bayes’ theorem) any method you employ of identifying al-Qaeda operatives is going to mostly reveal false positives.[…..]

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Life in the Aid World: Caught Red-Handed, No Consequences

Last week, a report in USA Today brought to light a story of aid funds going badly astray. In case you have not followed the story, it seems that back in 2003, USAID contracted with the UNDP and UNOPS to complete a series of “quick impact” infrastructure projects in Afghanistan, to build badly needed roads,[…..]

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