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Top economists on Twitter

Tim Harford gives his Top Ten economists on Twitter. The one most known to this readership is @dambisamoyo. Then Tim adds another category: Honourable mentions – a subjective combination of econ tweeters who are popular, interesting or under-appreciated I will overlook Tim’s blatant self-promotion of including @TimHarford on this list, in return for blatantly noting that he[…..]

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Is social media Utopia or Big Brother?

Alarming trends in privacy on Facebook (HT Tyler Cowen) And a Venn diagram take on social media.

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Here’s the real story on Twitter for earthquake relief

See this brilliant analysis.

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In defense of being mean-spirited: response to a critic

People on Twitter yesterday and today called attention to this thought-provoking critique of yours truly (from Chris Conrad at his blog The Big-Push: Development and Aid Effectiveness) I did want to take issue with one of Easterly’s tweets from yesterday, in which he sardonically impugns USAID’s efforts in Afghanistan, suggesting that the most benefit Afghanis[…..]

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Live Tweeting from Our “Best and Worst of Aid” Conference

indabamf Excitedly listening to opening session, Development Research Institute, NYU: Aid & Development Today indabamf @bill_easterly notes that lack of transparency & specialization are 2 factors that have made AID less effective than it could be indabamf There has been a upward trend to providing AID to corrupt countries altmandaniel @bill_easterly gives award for Worst[…..]

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The Development Satire Industry Reaches New Lows: Why?

I just found out about another contribution to the exploding development satire field. It’s in EXTREMELY bad taste, is often disgusting, and always features  lacerating and offensive  satire  … therefore, some of you will LOVE it. It’s based around a blog called HR International (to keep our blog’s PG-13 rating, I will not at this time spell out[…..]

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Links for Chile earthquake

@chrissiy: links for Chile mapping response including Google tools, @Ushahidi @saundra_s Latest Post: Chile may not need or want foreign assistance @AidNews Chile earthquake: Emergency funds released @AidNews PHOTOS: Massive quake hits Chile @dfid_uk #Chile #earthquake : A #DFID assessment team is on standby. We remain ready to provide humanitarian support if[…..]

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Jeff Sachs, welcome to Twitter!

As of 11 am today (2/26), Jeff Sachs has started posting on Twitter as @jeffdsachs. Here is some of the early traffic in which yours truly has a tiny stake (I have omitted who did the T for privacy): (anon): Just noticed that @bill_easterly is following @jeffdsachs but not vice versa / Hilarious @bill_easterly: This hurts[…..]

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Is writing about Africa different if the writer is African?

A Post From @kiwanja UPDATE 2/24 3:30 PM. There have been a lot of great comments and discussion back and forth.

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Even more apparently even more not a big fan…

Another post from @transitionland: Bill Easterly’s cheap, ignorant Afghanistan snark…

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