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US gets a strategy to meet the Millennium Development Goals – please explain

UPDATE: UN Dispatch disagrees, we respond (see end of post). Although the eight goals that seek to reduce the global burden of hunger, poverty and disease were agreed upon by aid donors almost 10 years ago, and most of the goals come due in 2015, the world’s largest donor has never had a strategy to[…..]

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If an evaluation is released on the internet and no one comments, does it make a sound?

The release of the Millennium Villages Project mid-point evaluation has so far been met with no discernable public response. Strange, since the release is billed as the “first major scientific report on progress after three years of MVP activity.” Doubly strange, since the MVP is an ambitious project that reaches into nearly all areas of[…..]

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Was Africa set up to fail on the Millennium Development Goals?

“Africa far from reaching Millennium Development Goals” News report on African Development Bank conference, May 28, 2010 “No country in sub-Saharan Africa is on course to achieve all the Goals by 2015.” United Nations, Key Messages for September 2010 Summit “It is easy to see that Sub-Saharan Africa lags on all the MDGs.” World Bank[…..]

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Jeff Sachs’ intellectual empire gets new funding

There’s a new way to study development: a masters degree in the practice of development. The MacArthur Foundation announced ten universities to receive funding for the new degree program yesterday, bringing the funding from MacArthur for this project to $16 million. The first students matriculated at Columbia University in 2009, and by 2013 the foundation[…..]

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Michael Clemens won’t let up on the Millennium Villages + bonus links

It’s nice to see scholars bringing attention to the critical need for evaluation and informed public dialogue (not just “success stories” or short-term impact evaluation) for the Millennium Villages Project, which we have also covered on this blog. Michael Clemens of the Center for Global Development is currently carrying on a very revealing dialogue with[…..]

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Beware the fury of a patient man: Michael Clemens on Millennium Villages

Michael Clemens at the Center for Global Development is a very calm,  judicious, sensible guy. But even he has finally lost patience with the lack of any serious evaluation of the Millennium Villages: Why a Careful Evaluation of the Millennium Villages is Not Optional UPDATE (3/20, 8:16am) Chris Blattman adds his take on this.

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New York Times on Millennium Villages

Jeffrey Gettleman reports today from Sauri, Kenya on the debate on the Millennium Villages.

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I’m really not sure what to make of this

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Millennium Villages Comments, We Respond

We received the following comment this morning from the Director of Communications at the Earth Institute, regarding the Aid Watch blog published yesterday, Do Millennium Villages Work? We May Never Know. My response is below. —– It’s unfortunate that the author of this post chose to publish such an uninformed blog on the Millennium Village[…..]

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Do Millennium Villages work? We may never know

Jeffrey Sachs’ Millennium Villages Project has to date unleashed an array of life-saving interventions in health, education, agriculture, and infrastructure in 80 villages throughout ten African countries. The goal of this project is nothing less than to “show what success looks like.” With a five-year budget of $120 million, the MVP is billed as a[…..]

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