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NYT on HIV/AIDS crisis: “You cannot mop the floor when the tap is still running on it”

UPDATE 4:10pm 5/11: Bill responds to Gregg Gonsalves’ comment on this post, at the END of the post.

The New York Times ran not one but two articles (edit: make that four) on the global fight against HIV/AIDS last Sunday. As these pieces tragically recount, the international community’s hard won successes against HIV/AIDS are in danger. There is not enough funding to meet the demand for treatment among sick patients in…

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The War of the Causes in Aid

The development industry seems to be riddled with people whose main job is to divert money to their good cause. The advocates are united by a strong belief in the priority that should be given to their sector (education, water, AIDS etc). They convince themselves that they are speaking for real interests of the poor… Within many aid agencies there is a permanent state of low intensity bureaucratic warfare for resources…{staff} fight to defend and

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Area Man’s Starbucks Purchase Finally Ends African AIDS Epidemic

by Jeff Raderstrong at the blog Change Charity:

After deciding to add a bag of (Starbucks) RED brand coffee on top of his vente mocha latte order, area man Bill West completed the final piece of the puzzle to end the AIDS epidemic in Africa…

“This is a great day for humanity,” said Michel Kazatchkine, Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, where Starbucks made the $1

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Who gets the Last Seat on the Plane? Why Aid Hates Economics

Not long ago, I was returning home from a trip when the airline bumped me from my flight due to overbooking. The airline rep was very sympathetic, but I didn’t want her sympathy, I wanted A Seat On the Plane. She had traded off my wishes against those of other passengers, and I lost.

Economists are unpopular because we say there is always SOME resource that is overbooked in aid, and aid is Forced to…

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Debates on losing the AIDS War

We got some great comments in response to yesterday’s post How the war on AIDS was lost.  Much of the debate centered around three questions:

1) Isn’t treatment complementary to prevention?  And so there is no tradeoff?

While some agreed with the post’s overall assertion that prevention has been neglected in favor of treatment, Caitlin argued that this distinction is artificial: “in many places, the availability of treatment makes prevention possible.”

Gregg Gonsalves expanded:…

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How the war on AIDS was lost

There was an alarming article in the Wall Street Journal on the reverses of previous advances in AIDS prevention in Uganda, plus running out of US funding for AIDS treatment.

The war on AIDS is being lost. Here are the facts:

  1. There were an estimated 2.7 million new infections worldwide in 2008; 1.9 million of them were in Sub-Saharan Africa.  The number of people added to treatment each year is also increasing rapidly, but not

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Having fixed Africa and AIDS, Bono tackles filesharing (from BoingBoing)

Bono, in a New York Times top-ten essay filled with of Brilliant Ideas That Will Fix The World If Only They’d Listen To Moi, says “Intellectual Property Developers” are doomed because of filesharing…

From a post on the great blog BoingBoing.

I know the NYT is desperate to survive, but having Bono as a regular columnist is…OK, I give up. How about Lady Gaga writing on counter-terrorism?

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World Bank AIDS Drive crowds out other health programs – but fails to make progress on AIDS

A report released today by the World Bank’s own Independent Evaluation Group faults the Bank for allowing AIDS to drive out many other programs to improve health. To make things worse, the Bank’s AIDS effort itself failed to accomplish much – only 29 percent of AIDS projects (and only 18 percent of AIDS projects in Africa) had a satisfactory outcome – while other efforts were much more effective (89 percent satisfactory project…

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