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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Links for Chile earthquake

@chrissiy: links for Chile mapping response including Google tools, @Ushahidi @saundra_s Latest Post: Chile may not need or want foreign assistance @AidNews Chile earthquake: Emergency funds released @AidNews PHOTOS: Massive quake hits Chile @dfid_uk #Chile #earthquake : A #DFID assessment team is on standby. We remain ready to provide humanitarian support if[…..]

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Area Man’s Starbucks Purchase Finally Ends African AIDS Epidemic

by Jeff Raderstrong at the blog Change Charity: After deciding to add a bag of (Starbucks) RED brand coffee on top of his vente mocha latte order, area man Bill West completed the final piece of the puzzle to end the AIDS epidemic in Africa… “This is a great day for humanity,” said Michel Kazatchkine,[…..]

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Jeff Sachs, welcome to Twitter!

As of 11 am today (2/26), Jeff Sachs has started posting on Twitter as @jeffdsachs. Here is some of the early traffic in which yours truly has a tiny stake (I have omitted who did the T for privacy): (anon): Just noticed that @bill_easterly is following @jeffdsachs but not vice versa / Hilarious @bill_easterly: This hurts[…..]

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The Economist Debate on Finance for Good or Evil: Round 2 Turns Up Heat

The debate now going on at the Economist is providing one of the most exciting and insightful looks at What We Learned about Finance from the Crash. The debate is very relevant for the role of finance in development (which Levine has devoted his career to studying). Debate is now on round 2 and you can[…..]

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Chronicle of a death foretold

When the article Madagascar: Textile Industry Unravels came across our desks yesterday, we were saddened but not surprised. That’s because people on the ground have been predicting this outcome (and Aid Watch has been stubbornly blogging about it over and over). Multiple critics have protested ever since the US government, hoping to force President Andry[…..]

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Paying for school on $2 a day

When James Tooley first discovered low-cost private schools for the poor in urban slums and rural areas in India, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and China, aid agency officials and local government administrators did not receive the news warmly. Most flat out denied that such schools existed. Even if they do exist, said the experts, they can’t[…..]

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Is Finance Evil? Vote Now at the Great Online Debate at

UPDATE  2/24 9:45am: since the post below was written, Stiglitz has seen vote swing his way. Cast your own vote early and often! Paul Volcker said after the crisis: “I wish that somebody would give me some shred of neutral evidence about the relationship between financial innovation recently and the growth of the economy.” There[…..]

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Is writing about Africa different if the writer is African?

A Post From @kiwanja UPDATE 2/24 3:30 PM. There have been a lot of great comments and discussion back and forth.

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Analyzing We are the World for Haiti as a Music Critic and Aid Critic

Even aid critics have their sentimental side. I confess I was genuinely moved watching this video, which has been viewed more than 13 million times on YouTube. The video is very inspiring and well done. It made me let myself go and be carried along by the idealism and hope. Unfortunately, my kids would like to point out that[…..]

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Invading Canada to debate aid

Bill Easterly is speaking in Toronto tomorrow. When: Tuesday February 23, 2010, 4pm-6pm Where: University of Toronto, Hoskin Avenue, Seeley Hall, Trinity College (He will be largely offline for the next two days while taking part in this peaceful invasion.)

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